Chally, in black and white, gazes to the right of the camera. It's a slightly high angle shot. She is wearing glasses and a black dress and top, of which only a little is visible. The base of a pillar is just visible behind her.

Chally is a freelance writer who likes to take on messy questions and follow new ideas wherever they take her. She writes about social justice – primarily feminism, anti-racism and disability rights – as well as literature and the quirky world we live in. She has written for Bitch Magazine, Feministe, FWD/Forward, Global Comment, The Guardian, Made You Look, Scarleteen, and a number of other publications. Chally’s work has been featured in academic courses worldwide as well as social justice conferences, not to mention its being archived by the National Library of Australia. You can find some of her writing in her portfolio.

She was first published at the age of four and never seemed to quite stop, ending up writing a column for her local paper at fifteen. There’s never a minute to lose when one could be passionately engaging with and informing readers, because that’s how we make the world a better place. Writing is her favourite thing, but that hasn’t stopped Chally filling her life with other oddities, such as developing her fondness for dancing in the rain in her pyjamas, graduating from university before she finished high school, disturbing her friends with incongruous sandwich fillings, and maintaining her faith in human goodness.

A graduate of Trinity College London, she has also just completed her thesis in her hometown of Sydney, Australia. When she isn’t studying, teaching, writing, reading an improbably large novel, or, as occasionally happens, sleeping, she’s probably watching Doctor Who or baking something delicious. Her personal blog is Zero at the Bone.

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